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Thank you TK Maxx!

We were absolutely delighted to be awarded an Environmental Clean Up Grant by TK Maxx/Homesense earlier in 2019 and organised a community event to help transform the run down waste area in the corner of the cricket ground and used the funds provided to extend our outdoor area with movable fence panels.

Our aim was to transform a neglected space into something that children, staff and parents could enjoy and benefit from, now and in the years to come. It was a project we encouraged as many of the local community be involved in as possible - broader than just our preschool - thus bringing a community together in an increasingly divided world. We care deeply about the world are children are growing into and how best we equip them to deal with the uncomfortable moments life will throw at them.

Redeveloping this space gives impetus to our recent drive to 'build confidence and resilience through mindfulness' by creating a wildlife space where they can notice, appreciate and learn about (!) the little things in life.

The results of the day were superb, with over 30 parents, children, local villagers and members of the Lacey Green and Loosley Row Horticultural Society getting stuck into the clean up operation. We provided some recycling themed games to keep the little ones entertained whilst the grown-ups dug, cut, bagged, raked and levelled the area. A huge thank you to everyone involved, especially the generous folk at TK Maxx!

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