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Building confidence and resilience

We're incredibly grateful to the Roland Callingham Foundation for supporting our grant application to help develop confidence and resilience through mindfulness in our children. We live in a time where it is all too easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed and our aim is to support children by sharing with them ways of relating to life’s challenging and uncomfortable moments. The earlier we do this in their young lives, the greater the opportunity we have to help them cultivate resilience and self-esteem.

Accredited training is underway with our team to bring 'mindfulness' to Windmills and we recently launched our new resources library for parents and carers to practice this at home. One parent had this to say...

'For some time I've thought about looking at mindfulness books for my 10-year old who gets anxious and sometimes struggles to stop thinking and fall asleep at bedtime. When I was given the opportunity to borrow 'Sitting Still Like a Frog' from our preschool library, I did. My three children all listened to it at first, but my 10-year old especially enjoyed it and has been asking to listen to it again several times in the evenings as she says: 'It makes her feel calm and sleepy'. A great result! We have especially enjoyed listening to track 2 and 11 together. Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity!

More updates to follow on how the training and resources benefit us day-to-day in the coming months.

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