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Practice Manager's Report: Sept 2018

A lovely, calm start to the new term. It is a joy to welcome our new starters and they seem to be settling in well. It is always a pleasure to work with new children and discover their personalities, finding out what they will bring to Windmills. Those children that were with us last year are doing a fantastic job of welcoming the new children and lots of Windmills are being earned! The Windmill certificates are a celebration of kindness and support our positive behavior ethos. We also continue with Cookie and Biscuit and the WOW moments.

Our weekly themes come from the children and their interests. So far we have looked at Under the Sea , following a child’s interest in mermaids. We enjoyed creating a sea display using different painting techniques and the wonderful donations of shoeboxes provided opportunities for cutting and sticking to make sea scenes. This week has been all about 'people who help us', largely due to the fascination with emergency vehicles. They have really enjoyed role playing fire fighters, rescuing toy cats and putting out pretend fires.

It is fantastic to have the new outdoor ramp in place and is much appreciated by those who would otherwise struggle with the step to our enclosed play area. The pirate ship has been given a new lease of life thanks to Leon and his excellent carpentry. The pirate ship meets a range of needs creating many opportunities for shared imaginary play as well as the physical demands of climbing etc. and the children love it!

We are really thankful that the IT issues are now being resolved and look forward to uploading images and observations in the coming term. The children have already started to enjoy using the tablets for short periods of time. Thank you Rachael for refreshing these.

As always a huge thank you to the wonderful staff who meet the ever-changing demands and needs of the preschool with a positive attitude and a sincere desire to strive for the best. It has been wonderful to have the support of Laura and Rachael in the mornings. A very useful extra pair of hands. Thank you so much for giving up your very precious time.

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